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We find passion in all things cheese!  We encourage education and exploration of an industry that has been around since before written time.  The Cheese Fairy is a place where you can relax and slip into a slow world that will challenge your mind and taste buds.  The Cheese Fairy is the sister side of a brother and sister duo.  Copper Belt Winery Tasting Room was established in 2010 with the tasting room in downtown Baker City opening in 2015.  The Cheese Fairy joined forces by taking up a corner of the tasting room in 2018.  Trust me when I say there was sibling rivalry during the addition... "You move your bar!"  "No you move your bar!"  The Cheese Fairy and Copper Belt family has been in Baker County for 5 generations and counting.  Going separate ways to learn their craft, The Cheese Fairy (Cody) rounded her knowledge and experiences in Colorado, the headquarters of the American Cheese Society.  After receiving the honors of becoming a Certified Cheese Professional and working out a deal with Copper Belt Tasing Room it only made sense to open an artisan cheese shop.  It has since developed into a location where people can gather and enjoy cheese plates and sip wine or take a bottle home with hunks of cheese.  Maybe you're having a party, we love parties and love to be apart of them too!  With all of your cheese needs met you're sure to enjoy not only our story but everything we have to offer!  Come visit us on your next visit to 1937 Main Street in Downtown Baker City Oregon and experience it for yourself!

~Cheese & Cheers~



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